We print your self-designed motif directly onto a headstone via the digital printing method. By using special UV ink, your motif remains colourfast for a long time, even if you place your stone outside. To this end, we offer four different stone sizes and materials. For interiors, these are available in the sizes 10x10x1 cm and 20x20x1 cm in refined travertine antique marble. This natural stone is particularly distinguished by its natural fissures and grooves, which means that your imprinted headstone will be a truly unique piece. New to the range are imprinted slate slabs in a variety of shapes and formats. For the outdoors, we offer terrace slabs in the size 40x40x4 cm. After we have imprinted the stones, these are also coated with a special protective coating in order to guarantee the longevity of the imprint. We imprint stones for the construction trade, gardeners and landscapers as well as stones for public spaces, pedestrian zones and various other areas of application.

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  • Glavna stran

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  • Firmensitz
  • Duftdrucksachen

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  • Vrtna oprema
  • Memorial stones
  • Gravestones for animals
  • Animal gravestones
  • Animal gravestones with picture
  • Gravestones for animals
  • Gravestones for dogs
  • Gravestones for cats
  • Imprinted gravestones
  • Gravestones for dogs
  • Gravestones for cats
  • Gravestones for pets
  • Cat gravestones
  • Dog gravestones
  • Cat gravestones with name
  • Dog gravestones with name
  • Cat gravestones with picture
  • Dog gravestones with picture
  • Imprinted slate
  • Photo stones
  • Photo gifts, original
  • Imprinted photo on stone
  • Personalised printed stones
  • Photo gift, self-designed
  • Photo gift idea
  • Order photo gift
  • Garden design stones
  • Terrace slabs 40x40
  • Animal needs
  • funeral works
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  • Leto ustanovitve 1872
  • Vrsta podjetja Vrsta podjetja Sedež podjetja, Matično podjetje
  • Glavna dejavnost Glavna dejavnost Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec

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