Whether steaks, cutlets, roulades, chops, grill sticks or kebabs – customers throughout the world portion their meat efficiently, economically, hygienically and reliably with our powerful portioning solutions. In both the retail trade and catering. Day after day, and without compromise. We have specialised in meat portioning since our company was founded in 2004 – and we have become the leading manufacturer of meat portioning machines and complete portioning lines. Our wide product range comprises efficient and needs-based solutions for tempering, freezing, pressing, portioning and automating, as well as for winding grill sticks and producing kebab skewers. These high-tech TVI systems range from tempering of the initial product through to virtually every type of portioning, and from manual or automatic loading into trays with subsequent weight checking right up to transferring the finished portions to the packaging machine.

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  • Mesnice - stroji in oprema
  • Meat packing equipment
  • Conveyor belts for meat
  • Robots for the meat industry
  • Machinery and systems for the meat processing industry
  • Butcher equipment
  • Meat mixing machine
  • Meat cutting machines
  • Shaping machines for meat products
  • Industrial cooling plants
  • Cooling chambers for butchers
  • Special cooling systems
  • Specialised mechanical engineering
  • Custom automation solutions
  • Automation systems for the food processing industry
  • Automation technology
  • Temperature control units
  • Scales for the food industry
  • Scales in special constructions
  • Feeding devices for automation
  • Tempering systems
  • Special machines for the food processing industry
  • machinery for slaughterhouses
  • meat cutters
  • industrial refrigeration
  • shaping machines for the food industry
  • Packaging for meat
  • Refrigeration equipment
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