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With a passion for high quality bakery goods Flaky croissants, Danish pastries with sweet fillings, savoury snacks – these are core competencies for this Franconian producer of premium quality frozen bakery goods. As part of the Martin Braun Group, the company offers the full range of traditional and innovative deep-frozen bakery goods for businesses that then process them further. The high quality pastries from Wolf ButterBack contain both excellent raw ingredients and a lot of craft knowledge from the bakery trade. It is not by chance that the Company has been awarded ‘higher level’ IFS certification. • Many manual production steps and the latest technology – for consistently high quality • Up to 8 hours’ proving time – for a long shelf life after baking • Home-made fillings – for a natural flavour At Fürth, the Company’s sole operating site, 550 employees are actively engaged in an outstanding portfolio of products and services. They are united by the high standards of quality to which Wolf ButterBack has been committed for the last 30 years – to the benefit of your commercial success!


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