YOXEONE, the men's clothing manufacturer, sells a wide range of textile products: clothing for adults and fashion accessories on an international scale. The YOXEONE brand was created by Selim Gouaned, a self-taught designer who is passionate about art and particularly keen on fashion. All the brand's clothes are made in France, using high-quality noble materials with perfect, sophisticated cut. He has turned his Workshop into a laboratory, where like a research worker, he tests new techniques on his garments. The eclectic, unexpected blends of materials, embroidery and hand painting are the iconic codes of YOXEONE. He has innovated the way of working and sculpting sharkskin, which is a unique and exceptional material previously only used by craft leather workers. In addition to its collections, the House of YOXEONE offers to make one-off items in rare materials, created exclusively on demand.

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  • Konfektionskläder
  • Moška konfekcija
  • Visoka moda, konfekcija
  • Tkanine za konfekcijska oblačila
  • Off-the-peg wear and tailoring
  • manufacturer of ready-to-wear clothing
  • manufacturer of ready-to-wear men's clothing
  • manufacturer of jeans
  • manufacturer of sweaters
  • manufacturer of jackets
  • manufacturer of trousers
  • manufacturer of tee shirts
  • luxury fashion designer
  • fashion designer
  • creator of luxury off-the-peg clothing
  • clothing manufacturer
  • bespoke ready-to-wear
  • ready-to-wear clothing made for women
  • leathergoods manufacturer
  • luxury leathergoods manufacturer
  • shirt manufacturer
  • bomber jacket manufacturer
  • luxury off-the-peg clothing
  • manufacturer of luxury off-the-peg clothing
  • international sales of off-the-peg clothing
  • Ready-to-wear clothing made for men
  • ready-to-wear accessories
  • men's jeans
  • blouson jackets

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  • 11 – 50
    številu zaposlenih


  • Glavna dejavnost
    Glavna dejavnost
    Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec

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