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Zottel Trade d. o. o. je uspešno družinsko podjetje, kjer že 30 let razvijamo in proizvajamo vrhunske rešitve za potrebe vinarske, sadjarske in oljarske obrti, žganjekuhe ter pivovarn. For almost 30 years, Zottel Trade d.o.o. has been developing and producing premium tanks, boilers and pots, as well as other equipment for wine-making, fruit growing, distilling, edible oil production, brewing and other industries. Thanks to our quality and reliability gathered under our Zottel brand, we offer a wide range of stainless-steel products, distinguished by modern design and extremely long service life.ottel Trade d.o.o. is a successful family business where for 30 years we have been developing and producing premium solutions for the needs of wine-making, fruit growing and edible oil production, distilling and brewing. Our key advantages are our own development team and know-how, Slovenian production and our own Zottel brand, within which we offer a wide range of stainless-steel products of European origin.ast responsiveness and reliability are the result of years of experience and a large supply of products such as wine tanks, fruit hydropresses, fruit crushers and other equipment.Thanks to our quality and durability, our production programme is characterised by modern design and extremely long service life.The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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In the production, we use only high-quality stainless steel of European origin, so the products ensure a carefree and reliable use in the long run. Depending on the needs and wishes, open and closed wine tanks are available for the fermentation, storage and maturation of wine. We also produce mash fermenters and wine transport and mixing tanks. Accessories and spare parts are provided for all products in the programme.


Superior quality and durability are guaranteed by using products made exclusively of stainless steel, while their modern look is ensured with electropolishing and elaborate production. For the fruit hydropress, we always ensure we have accessories and spare parts available. Replacement of the membrane is carried out free of charge.


In our wide range of products, we stock various types of distillate storage tanks. We also produce mixing tanks, which can be equipped with different types of mash or liquid mixers. We offer various mixers from German manufacturers, including ATEX certified, to provide explosion protection. All tanks are of the highest quality, made of European origin stainless steel, distinguished by their reliability and durability.


The crushers are entirely made of stainless steel of European origin, guaranteeing reliable and long-term use. The product features a modern, compact design. There are three different fittings to regulate the fineness of crushing.


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