Tradition, knowledge, quality of products and services
Our team has been making sure your orchards and crops are properly protected since 1998! We are sure that the effective functioning in the field of agriculture requires excellent knowledge of local production and climatic conditions.

More than 20 years of presence on the market enables us to have effective access to information on the needs of growers and the state and directions of development of the entire industry.

The production of food for the market or only for one's own needs has changed greatly in recent years. The demands and needs of the market are relentless, environmental standards are rising sharply, and weather factors for production are tightening. We used to say that food is easy to grow and difficult to sell, but today, due to plant protection restrictions, more difficult growing conditions and meeting requirements, it is becoming increasingly difficult to produce quality food. To food growers we offer a wide range of protective and planting materials to help you overcome the problems that arise in the production process.

Practice has shown that through cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience we greatly contribute to the satisfaction of our business partners, and above all make the production process simpler and more efficient.

We do our best to be flexible.

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