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    Yabelo.com is an online B2B wholesaler and distributor of authentic branded stock fashion merchandise to retailers across the world. We provide wholesale clearance stock for sale at up to 95% off the retail price. We are leading suppliers of surplus wholesale fashion, including an extensive range of branded clothing, shoes, sports wear, sport shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories such as belts, sunglasses, watches, scarves, hats, caps, wallets and much more. All our top European brands wholesale stock lots are purchased from countries across Europe and made available to retailers and wholesalers around the world. We deliver high quality fashion merchandise at the most affordable rates. We only deal in A grade products with no compromise on our high standards. We regard our clienteles as vital team members and work alongside them. We take responsibility for delivering excellence in every product and service we provide. We consider 100% customer satisfaction our top most priority, always. If you are a retail shop owner, an online fashion business owner, or an individual seller on platforms like Amazon and EBay, then Yabelo will be your ideal business partner. You will enjoy the vast collection of wholesale fashion apparel and accessories which you can easily order for quick shipment and delivery. Don't hesitate to contact us !



    An American second hand clothes supplier in Poland. A&E Clothing has operated a business of sorting and wholesale distribution of used clothing since 1996. In 2021 we opened our new facility in Poland. A&E Clothing Poland imports used clothes from the USA, sorts them, and exports them to customers worldwide. The sorting plant in Poland is based on the long-standing experience of A&E Clothing Corp. As one of the few used clothing graders in Europe, our material for sorting comes from the United States. The original is collected from the New York Metropolitan Area and transported by sea to our facility in Poland. The clothes in the USA are of very high quality and contain many famous brands. In our company, you have the amazing opportunity to order second-hand American clothing in Europe. We export large orders of 40' HC containers to Africa, Latin America, and Asia, but we also carry out smaller orders on pallets in Europe. In our offer, you will find: - sorted used clothes Grade A/B packed into 100 lbs/45 kg bales - Mixed Rags/Institutional in large bales of 750-1000 lbs/340-450 kg Feel free to contact us and check how we can start our business relationship!

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    We have been active in the fashion industry since 2001 and operated our fashion textile sales company in Saarland, Germany. As Istanbul Factory, we have specialized in producing textiles in the field of woven and knitted goods, particularly men's and women's fashion (men's and women's wear), in Istanbul-Turkey since 2005. We supply customers worldwide; the main areas are the European Union. We have an extensive portfolio of products such as : -Fashion clothing for both and women, -Hoodies, -Cargo Pants, -Track Pants, -Sweaters, -Bags and stockings -Jackets, -T-shirts and many more to be discovered on our website! As a German-Turkish fashion company with German working principles, we aim to produce 100% quality and cost-effective products. Thanks to our long experience in the fashion industry, we are very flexible in production. Our German quality awareness speaks for very high-quality clothing and manufacturing. Our professional team guarantees fast delivery to every customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


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    Our company Nord Sud Export is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the town of Sharjah. The company was founded in 2003. We were located in Europe since 1985 but then shifted to the UAE. We export second-hand clothing around the world to over 25 countries and always look forward for new destinations. We can provide used clothing such as clothes for women, men and children. We export everywhere in the world, especially Africa, the Middle East, East Europe and South America. Our motto is Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. We buy secondhand clothes mainly from Europe and sort over 40 tons per day in our facility in the UAE. The clothes are sorted out into three different categories depending on their quality and then shipped. There is no waste in secondhand clothes, everything not usable is packed and baled for recycling and is used such as insulation material. Our goal and aim is to establish long-term business relationships with our customers. We always aim to improve the quality and always satisfy our clients. Please contact us by Whatsapp for further information.



    Oraije Paris has specialised in denim clothing for women for many years. Thanks to our expertise and the know-how passed down from generation to generation, we are proud ambassadors and flag-bearers for style à la Française.Our number one mission is to stand by our customers in their daily lives, which is why we have operate such strict quality control and production monitoring to make sure we offer you garments at the best possible prices. We offer you the chance to benefit from all aspects of our expertise thanks to our friendly customer advisors and guidance from our designer to help you choose what's right for you.

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    Welcome to Farsadi, where fashion meets empowerment. Our wide variety of fashionable options, including dresses, matching sets, jumpsuits, suits, shorts, skirts, blouses, and sweaters, cater to every woman's taste. At Farsadi, we believe clothing is a canvas to express personality and confidence. Our creative team continuously creates avant-garde apparel models that embody contemporary style. With Farsadi, women have access to stylish, multipurpose clothing, from eye-catching outfits to professional suits. Our selection of chic blouses, skirts, cozy sweaters, and elegant jumpsuits ensures customer satisfaction with premium materials and skilled craftsmanship. Simplifying dropshipping, Farsadi offers a hassle-free option for e-commerce enthusiasts. Integrate our vast selection into your online store and let us handle quick processing and safe delivery, so you can focus on business growth. Discover dresses, matching sets, statement jumpsuits, suits, shorts, skirts, blouses, and sweaters, personalized to keep you on the fashion forefront. Each item undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring exceptional design and durability. Our dedicated customer support team provides tailored guidance and quick resolutions. Whether a dropshipper, wholesaler, or retailer, Farsadi is your ideal partner. Redefine style with our exquisite selection of women's clothes across Europe and beyond. Join Farsadi today and empower women through fashion.



    AZA Global Impex BV specializes in the importation of a wide range of products sourced from across the globe. Whether you're looking to bring a unique concept to life or need assistance with manufacturing a specific product, our dedicated team is always at your service. The word 'no' is not in our vocabulary; we are committed to finding tailored solutions that precisely align with your requirements. Our capabilities extend to sourcing exclusive products solely for your benefit. Our diverse product portfolio includes commodities such as flowers, cosmetics, Christmas packages, and a broad spectrum of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) items. We are adept at negotiating deals that cater to the unique specifications of any company. In our commitment to sustainability, we also play a crucial role in recycling. We transform used clothing into new, innovative products like bags or customized apparel. For your medical and dental apparatus needs, you can rely on our dedicated department to fulfill all your requirements. In the realm of food products, our department is equipped to procure a wide array of items, both frozen and fresh, including vegetables and fish. We exclusively deal in products that are ethically produced, ensuring they are free from child labor, and guaranteeing fair wages for all workers involved. Beyond that, we actively strive to create employment opportunities for families and contribute to the economic growth of the regions in which we operate.


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    SK Export specializes in the import and export of European sorted used clothing, new clothing stock lot & shoes in the UAE and Worldwide. SK Export focuses on providing the best quality to the customers while maintaining affordable prices and efficient loading of goods to save on transportation costs. Our main focus is to preserve the environment, buy from charitable organisations and to recycle everything and to give clothing a new life. We export to over 20 countries around the world, and we always would like to explore new destinations and have new regular customers to establish long term business relationships. SK Export was founded in 2020 and will continue to expand in the future and provide the best service and supply for our customers. The founders of SK Export have a long history in the used and new clothing industry, and can assist all customers to provide their business requirements.



    Welcome to Genc Bursa Textile, a thriving textile company rooted in Bursa, Turkey. For over two decades, we've been dedicated to delivering excellence in ready-made garment production for men, women, babies, and kids. Our expertise shines through in crafting a wide range of casual wear, from plain to printed and embroidered items, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts, trousers, skirts, and more. Our commitment is to bring our customers' chosen models to life. What truly sets us apart is our focus on customization. We produce under our clients' brands, aligning with their unique desires and specifications. Additionally, we proudly introduce our registered brand, MONMIEL©, as a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. Our process is meticulous. We begin by evaluating the feasibility of your chosen models and providing preliminary pricing. Once we have your feedback, we seamlessly transition to the sample and production stages, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. Our diverse portfolio of premium textiles forms the foundation of our ready-to-wear garments, including a variety of options such as pants, shirts, dresses, jackets, blouses, skirts, and more. In response to our customers' requests, we produce knitted and woven fabrics with viscose, cotton, linen, polyester, polyamide, and their blends, offering yarn-dyed, plain-dyed, and printed fabrics. We're your trusted partners in achieving textile excellence. Contact us for more !



    Founded in 2013, MODAFIT is a leading knitted garment manufacturer specializing in sportswear based in Turkey. With our experienced staff, flexible company structure, fast production, and robust quality systems, we take pride in meeting the diverse needs of our valued customers. At MODAFIT, our core philosophy revolves around continuous development, with unwavering focus on Customer Satisfaction. We prioritize effective mutual communication to thoroughly understand and meet our customers' needs, ensuring that our products always exceed their expectations. Our diverse product groups include customized offerings such as: •T-shirts •Sweatshirts •Polo collar products •Sportswear products Our mission is to attain the highest levels of satisfaction among customers, suppliers, and employees alike. By contributing to the growth of the textile sector through employment, we actively participate in the country's development. We are committed to meeting customer expectations through delivering top-notch quality, cost-effective, timely, and flexible production processes. As a solution partner for fashion-oriented textile brands, we are known for our entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and esteemed reputation in the industry. MODAFIT continuously evolves to stay ahead in the market, being the first choice in Turkey and expanding globally. Our responsiveness to market demands is second to none. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us



    Loom by Rodina creates both an image of a subtle and elegant young woman and a strong, independent and self-confident lady who certainly understands what she wants and achieves her goals. The distinguishing feature of the brand is that it can adapt modern global trends and fashions to Russian traditions through precisely highlighting Russian folk arts and crafts and the handiwork of Russian craftswomen in its collections. The team of Loom by Rodina works with the best suppliers of natural fabrics and carefully supervises the sewing quality of its products. The brand uses only natural fabrics and supports recycled polyester production, thereby contributing to sustainable fashion. The company offers wholesale, import and export of women's clothing with a unique design throughout the world.



    HAJ TEX was founded in 2018 in Uzbekistan and it’s a fully vertically integrated textile company that specializes in the production of high-quality products and maintains a reliable reputation. The idea of the “Cot Cluster Economy” is to responsibly grow cotton and deeply all of it to process components, maximize added value and minimize the negative impact on the environment by reusing production waste and with the help of secondary clothing technology processing. Waste from cotton is used as the basis for the fodder base of our livestock complex, as well as the cotton-oil plant. This cluster is a group of integrated business units involved across the value chain in cotton processing, ginning, spinning, fabric production & finishing, and apparel manufacture. Our products have international certificates STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, BSCI, ISO 14001 - 2015, ISO 9001 - 2008, ISO 45001 - 2018, COM4, ORGANIC EU, GOTS. By our example, we decided to prove that the cotton industry in Uzbekistan can meet world standards of quality and safety of working conditions. We have attracted highly qualified specialists and professional equipment from world-class brands to establish a full production cycle, starting with the planting cotton on the fields and ending with the production of stylish knitted clothing of our own brand. Our product range includes different kinds of cotton yarn, cotton fabric, knitted fabric and finished goods.



    DONNA was founded in 1993 in Kraków, Poland. We have been inseparable from the nightwear world ever since, currently being the leader amongst the best producers. We have our own production facility with a modern machine park, which grants us limitless production and growth possibilities. Our hard work has been many times appreciated by customers, so we have received many awards confirming the best quality of our products. More than 30 years of experience, our own production facility, excellent quality and original projects is a short description that summarizes our company well. Our offer: •nightwear •nightgowns •pyjamas. We specialize in elegant nightwear, sewn from the best quality materials and elastic laces. Our original projects are full of grace and elegancy, at the same time remaining very comfortable to sleep. Additionally, we are proud to say that we are inclusive in our production – creating plus size collections with sizes beginning at 46/3XL and ending at 52/6XL. These pieces are constructed in a way that ensures all women feel comfortable and beautiful, no matter the size. The main material we use for production for our nightwear is viscose, however we also enrich our collection with elegant satin with all of our products packaged in glamorous boxes. If you would like to join us and become our business partner, we encourage you to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with more information.



    Shadi Trading: we have been specialising in the sorting and exporting of second-hand clothes, footwear, rags, antique and vintage costumes, which are sold to worldwide wholesalers and importers of second-hand clothing, since 1998. Our goods are exported to Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Asia and the Middle East. We sell wholesale and retail and are at your service with our 2, 000m² warehouse.



    Tiger Eye Apparels Pty Ltd, starts its journey in 1998 named BSS Fashion in Bangladesh as a supplier of clothing accessories. In 2016 we changed our business title to 'Tiger Eye Apparels’, commencing business as a clothing manufacturer and Buying House. As an influence of our ambitious innovative nature in 2021 we came forward with our own Trademark clothing brand "Tiger Eye" and inaugurate our brand Polo-shirt, T-shirt, Tank-Tops, Leggings and many more for man women and children. Tiger Eye Apparels Pty Ltd also a registered company in Australia with its marketing office in Sydney. Bangladesh proudly has become a competitive reliable country of sourcing of readymade garments. As a result there is a steady growth of business opportunities for international garments buyers. With a view of catering the increase demand by global garments buyers for sourcing garments from Bangladesh, Tiger Eye Apparels became a pioneer apparels manufacturer and Buying House. we also working as an Apparels Sourcing Agent. Alongside our own manufacturing plant, we are incorporated with several numbers of composite Circular knit garments, Flat knit and Woven Factories with comprising of knitting, dyeing, sewing, printing and embroidery. We welcome buyer's custom brand and design to make and supply and will appreciate longing buyers of our ' Tiger Eye' brand apparels. Our main office and manufacturing unit in Dhaka, Bangladesh and main foreign branch office is in Sydney, Australia.

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    Our company BCR BOROWY, located at Saint-Andiol, specialises in the wholesale and semi-wholesale of used clothing and thrift shop imports and exports. We also carry shoes, leather goods and household linens. We have summer and winter items for men, women and children. We sell by the kilo. We always select top quality clothing, then sort it by category.



    VETECO has been specialised in collecting and recycling used textiles since 2000. We sort and collect items for our partners suited to their needs. Are you are an association, a local institution or a firm? Together we can build a recycling project for your textiles or clothes and working footwear by providing you with a traceability certificate. Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your project and so that you can ask for a quote.



    We buy and sell goods in stock. Thanks to our international sellers team, we distribute 90% of the goods in over 60 counties besides Italy. We cooperate with the best international fashion brands. This reduces waste and helps to reuse material so that nothing gets lost. We have a 10, 000 square metre warehouse and a 1000 square metres showroom and we meet our business customers in our premises or during video linked virtual visits.



    MANAI HAYET, je podjetje tipa Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec, ki deluje v panogi Uvoz - izvoz - tekstil in oblačila. Deluje tudi v panogah Tekstil - uvoz-izvoz, Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz, Tekstil - uvoz-izvoz, Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz, blankets, fashion belt, uniform shirt, manufacture of men's shirts, customised polo shirts. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Ariana, Tunizija.



    The activity of our company has been trading in clothes, sorting and processing since 1994. We are based in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary and we have a commercial office in the United Kingdom.For sorting, we buy the raw material from the developed countries of Western Europe: England, Germany, Belgium and Holland. We normally buy directly from collectors and this can even guarantee good quality.We employ 110 people and produce as many as 300 different products on 6.500 square meters of property.We mainly aim at supplying the Hungarian market but in the recent years our export has increased rapidly. At present we have clientele in 15 countries and our customers are pleased with our prices and the quality of our products. We are improving our international business relations continuously and looking for new customers for long term in Hungary. We use our own trucks to deliver our products to the neighbouring countries.


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    Podjetje SHELDON INTERNATIONAL Ltd. je eden vodilnih neodvisnih veletrgovcev in dobaviteljev otroških oblačil in otroške posteljnine v Združenem kraljestvu, ki oskrbuje veletrgovce, neodvisne trgovce na drobno in trgovske verige v Združenem kraljestvu, Evropi in drugod. Podjetje Sheldon International je ustanovljeno leta 1992, skladišče in pisarna pa sta v Leicestru. Naša bogata ponudba izdelkov za dojenčke obsega lastne blagovne znamke NURSERY TIME, MY LITTLE CHICK in JUST FOR ME (kompleti za dojenčke, spalniki, spalne obleke, otroške obleke, jopice, pletenine v španskem slogu, snežne obleke, slinčki, darilni kompleti, čevlji in nogavice), SNUGGLE BABY (posteljni kompleti, odeje, rjuhe, zavitki, šali, brisače s kapuco in mehke igrače) ter TINY BABY in TINY CHICK (oblačila za prezgodaj rojene otroke). Večino izdelkov oblikujemo sami, izdelujejo pa jih naša partnerska podjetja v različnih državah na Daljnem vzhodu in v Evropi. Naši že tako obsežni ponudbi nenehno dodajamo nova oblačila in modele (običajno vsako leto dodamo več kot 300 novih linij; večina teh je enkratnih izdelkov, saj vsako leto oblikujemo nove kolekcije).



    MOONSTARS UNDERWEAR, je podjetje tipa Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec, ki deluje v panogi Spodnje perilo in oblačila za doma. Deluje tudi v panogah Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz, low-cut underwear, women's intimate underwear, lingerie, ladies' lingerie, luxury lingerie, women's tangas, maternity underwear, wholesale outsize underwear. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Istanbul, Turčija.



    CLICK TEXTIL / SLAMMANTI UNIP LDA, je podjetje tipa Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec, ki deluje v panogi Uvoz - izvoz - tekstil in oblačila. Deluje tudi v panogah Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz, Tekstil - uvoz-izvoz, Potiskavanje tekstila, Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz, Tekstil - uvoz-izvoz, women's pyjamas, children's pyjamas, textile product printing, custom textile. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Braga, Portugalska.



    DENIMTEK TEKSTIL VE TICARET LIMITED ŞIRKETI, je podjetje tipa Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec, ki deluje v panogi Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz. Deluje tudi v panogah Jeans in športna oblačila, Delovne halje in predpasniki, Konfektionskläder, women's jeans, men's jeans, pants, recycled jeans, organic jeans, Denim fabrics. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Istanbul, Turčija.



    V4TAILOR, je podjetje tipa Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec, ki deluje v panogi Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz. Deluje tudi v panogah Majice z dolgimi rokavi (sweatshirts), Čevlji, moški, Oblačila, moška, Majice s kratkimi rokavi (T-shirts), Visoka moda za moške, Pleteni puloverji - moški, sweatshirt printing, Majice z dolgimi rokavi (sweatshirts), tailoring. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Istanbul, Turčija.



    FASHION4WELLNESS, je podjetje tipa Multi-Category, ki deluje v panogi Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz. Deluje tudi v panogah bath towels, kimonos, dressing gowns, bathrobe, pareos, terry cloth towels, leisure time accessories, towels, fashion accessories. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Zwanenburg, Nizozemska.



    KARDELEN WORKWEAR, je podjetje tipa Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec, ki deluje v panogi Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz. Deluje tudi v panogah Majice s kratkimi rokavi (T-shirts), Zaščitna in delovna oblačila, workwear, Majice s kratkimi rokavi (T-shirts), sweatshirts, safety shoes, work aprons, work trousers, work jackets. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Istanbul, Turčija.



    EVENMOD ACTIVEWEAR, je podjetje tipa Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec, ki deluje v panogi Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz. Deluje tudi v panogah Majice s kratkimi rokavi (T-shirts), Športna oblačila, Pleteni puloverji - moški, Uvoz - izvoz - tekstil in oblačila, Telovadba - blačila, Majice s kratkimi rokavi (T-shirts), men's clothing, shorts, men's sweaters. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Istanbul, Turčija.



    THEPROJECT., je podjetje tipa Izdelovalec/ Proizvajalec, ki deluje v panogi Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz. Deluje tudi v panogah toppers, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, jeans, children's clothing, women's clothing, clothing production. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Coín | Málaga, Španija.



    TUMODAKIDS S.L., je podjetje tipa Prodaja na debelo, ki deluje v panogi Oblačila - uvoz-izvoz. Deluje tudi v panogah wholesaler for baby clothes, suppliers of baby clothes, suppliers of kids' clothes, wholesalers for kids' clothes, manufacturers of wholesale kids' clothes, wholesale kids' clothes, La Ormiga. Sedež podjetja je v kraju Alicante, Španija.


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