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    NEMČIJA- Warburg/Scherfede
    LÖDIGE INDUSTRIES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The Lödige Industries Group was founded in 1948 and has independent registered offices in Hong Kong, London, New York and Doha (Qatar), and each office also has numerous subsidiaries. Currently, the...

    Dobavitelj za: Dvižne naprave za servisne delavnice | Dvigalne naprave | Transportne naprave in sistemi | Dvigala, osebna in tovorna, in tekoče stopnice | Uvoz - izvoz - strojna orodja [+] Paletni vozički | Osebna dvigala | Tovorna dvigala | Dvigalne platforme | Dvigala - vozila | Dvigala in dvižne ploščadi za vozila | Letališča - oprema | Skladiščna logistika | Industrijski objekti - koncepcija | Rokovanje z blagom - stroji in oprema

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  • WILTSCHE Fördersysteme's main focus is on designing and selling mobile lorry-loading systems for loose goods. Our customers are primarily shipping companies and logistics service providers; we also...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Rokovanje z blagom - stroji in oprema | Notranji prevoz - vozni material | conveyors, conveying systems | strip conveyors [+] conveyor chains | pvc conveyor belts | roller counters | castors and rollers for conveying equipment | loading and unloading operations | transportörsystem för automatisering | roller expandable conveyors | skatewheel expandable conveyors | expandable conveyors | roller axle division

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    AVSTRIJA- Dornbirn
    ROBOTUNITS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Robotunits develops, manufactures and delivers high quality extrusion and conveyor technology as well as safety fence and linear motion systems for material handling and assembly applications. The...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Varnostni zasloni za stroje | Tekoči trakovi | flexible assembly systems | aluminium profiles [+] conveyors, conveying systems | automation systems | linear guides | chain conveyors | apron conveyors | transfer systems for assembly lines | work piece transport systems | linear units | automation technology | conveyor systems for assembly technology

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    NEMČIJA- Gevelsberg
    PAUL HEDFELD GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Paul Hedfeld GmbH – Advice and manufacturing from a single source. Because quality is not accidental. In 1949, Paul Hedfeld founded a company for the production of machines for conveying grain and...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Stroji za drobljenje in mletje | Pivovarne - stroji in oprema | screw-type conveyors | bucket elevators [+] skruvtransportör | punched plate | elevator buckets | elevator belts | vertical bucket elevators | scraper conveyors | trough chain conveyors | chain bucket elevators | belt bucket elevators | requirements for malting plants

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  • Special machinery solution supplied from one source, from development, through to construction, production and automation, to final assembly at the customer's premises. Company motto: "Henke dares to...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Tekoča cestišča | handling devices | chain conveyors | roller counters [+] pneumatic goods handling systems | automation | construction of buildings | machines, custom-built | automatisation of special machines | construction of jigs and fixtures | mechanical automation | exceptional loads transport | heavy load transportation devices | heavy-duty roller conveyors

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    NEMČIJA- Kirchdorf
    STEINER GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Established by Georg Steiner, Steiner Spiralförderanlagen has been active for more than 35 years. Long-standing experience is essential when planning complex conveyor systems. We offer our customers...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | feeders | screw-type conveyors | screw sectors | screening machines, screening plants and screening equipment [+] wood chip transport | conveyor systems for the timber industry | conveyor systems for the plastics industry | conveyor systems for the paper industry | conveyor systems for the recycling industry | conveyor systems for the tyre industry | conveyor systems for bulk materials | conveyor systems for powders | spiral conveyors | components for conveyor systems

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    NEMČIJA- Westerstetten

    More than 25 years' experience and extensive expertise have made Vetter Kleinförderbänder a trusted specialist in conveyor design, exemplified above all by the miniature form of our premium products....

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | feed belts | vacuum conveyor belts | rubber conveyor belts | pvc conveyor belts [+] small conveyor belts | small conveyor belt | mini conveyor belt | conveyor belt technology | materials handling | small conveyor belts for automation | conveyor | conveyor belt with internal motor | flat belt transport straps | stainless steel conveyor belts

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    NEMČIJA- Hattersheim

    Since 1939, AViTEQ has provided top-quality reliable solutions for vibration conveyor and process technology for a wide range of industry sectors and has always been ready to help via its global...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Živilska industrija - stroji in oprema | Pesek in gramoz | Motorni vibratorji | Izmenjevalniki toplote [+] screening machines, screening plants and screening equipment | sieving machines | vibrating sieves | measuring systems | vibrating motors | electrical external vibrators | jigging laned conveyor | dosing system | conveyors, conveying systems | industrial plant management

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    NEMČIJA- Schönenberg-Kübelberg
    MINITEC GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Precision and perfection: This is what MiniTec GmbH is all about. What began in 1986 with miniature linear guidance systems, developed into a full service provider now recognised globally with around...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | linear systems | aluminium profiles | work table | machine building [+] säkerhetssystem | workstations | workplace systems for assembly technology | aluminium profile systems | automation technology | linear modules | linear equipment | automated systems for the automotive supplier industry | machine protection equipment | assembly installations

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    NEMČIJA- Bielefeld
    ROKON FILTERBAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Rokon Filterbau GmbH has been based in Brackwede in Bielefeld (Germany) since it was founded in 1990. From our initial role as a supplier of pipe and duct systems, we have been able to expand our...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Filtracija zraka - oprema | Izločanje prahu iz zraka - instalacije in oprema | industrial extraction systems | ventilation systems [+] suction plant | filteranläggningar | dust filters | exhausters for the food industry | dust removal for the iron and steel industry | air filtration system | wet dust exhausters | dry dust exhausters | centralised extraction systems | air pollutant exhausters

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    NEMČIJA- Oberhausen
    LEANTECHNIK AG - Verified by Europages

    Our rack-and-pinion drives offer countless potential applications: They can be used in any facilities that require powerful movement. There are no limits to what you can do with this technology! For...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Avtomatizacija - svetovanje | Paletiranje - stroji | linear systems | vertikaltransportör [+] gearbox | geared motors | lifting column | linear axes | conveyors, conveying systems | lifting equipment | sorting machines | linear equipment | positioning systems | automation equipment for conveying systems

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    ŠVICA- Hinwil
    FERAG AG - Verified by Europages

    Ferag AG, with headquarters in Hinwil, Switzerland, develops unique and intelligent conveyor, sorting and buffer systems for intralogistics and is the world market leader for further processing...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | transportörsystem för automatisering | vertikaltransportör | conveyors, conveying systems | conveyor systems, internal [+] conveyor systems for bulk goods | conveyor systems for mailings | conveyor systems, automatic | conveyor systems for the clothing industry | overhead transport systems for internal goods transport | sorting facilities and systems | sorting facilities for parcels | sorting facilities for clothing | mail sorting facilities | mail distribution systems

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    RUSIJA- Zlatoust
    EZSO, LLC - Verified by Europages

    Our company is engaged in the supply of equipment for bending auger spiral. On our equipment, you can bend the screw of any steel grade, any thickness of the workpiece, the height of the edge and...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportni sistemi | Transportne naprave in sistemi | Orodni stroji - strojna obdelava kovin | Orodni stroji za oblikovanje kovin - deli in pribor | Vrtalna tehnika in preizkusna vrtanja - oprema [+] Orodni stroji za zgibanje | Stiskalnice, industrijske - kovinske | auger machines | screw sectors | augers | filleting | spirals | curling irons | working with numerical control machines | mechanical bucket conveyors for goods handling

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    FRANCIJA- Masevaux
    TANALS - Verified by Europages

    Specialised in belts and conveyor belts since 1936, TANALS is an Alsace-based manufacturer that recommends and develops technical solutions intended to improve performance by relying on renowned...

    Dobavitelj za: Mehanski transportni sistemi in deli | Transportne naprave in sistemi | Tekoči trakovi | toothed belts | linked conveyor belts [+] industrial belts | trapezoidal belts | transmission gearing | round belts | toothed pulleys | continuous woven belts | flat belts | food-grade belt conveyor | power transmission belts | elastic belts

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    FRANCIJA- Masevaux
    ERO JOINT .TANALS - Verified by Europages

    Tanals undertaken Alsatian revolutionizes the process of realization of a dismountable mechanical junction for the toothed belts polyurethane and the bands transporteuses. ERO Joint® used in...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Tekoči trakovi | round belts | flat belts | pulleys [+] mechanical assembly | transmission belts | pin joint | v-belt | poly chain assembly | mechanical timing belt fastener | synchronous belt | chain replacement | mechanical belt | belt tensioning system

    Znamke : ERO JOINT® belt

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    AVSTRIJA- Gleisdorf
    STATEC BINDER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The Austrian company STATEC BINDER, is dedicated to providing its customers with perfect solutions for bagging and palletizing free-flowing bulk goods. Flexibility is therefore a key consideration...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Inženiring - industrijski izvajalci | film wrappers | packaging line | palleting robots [+] fully automatic packaging machine | palletising systems | palletisers for bags | bag filling machinery | big bag filling systems | machines and systems for sealing bags | tubular pouches | tubular bag machines | filling machines for bulk materials | packaging lines

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    NEMČIJA- Köln
    BEWO ENGINEERING GMBH - Verified by Europages

    BEWO Engineering GmbH is your qualified partner for plant construction with a focus on bulk materials handling systems. The independent, medium-sized and owner-managed company has a successful...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | engineering service | conveyor systems for bulk material | pneumatic conveyor systems | engineering consulation for conveyor technology [+] design for plant construction | design agencies | design consultation for process plants | conveyor systems planning | bulk material conveyor technology | pneumatic conveyor systems | pipework components | fabric sleeve discharge aids | documentation | assembly and maintenance

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  • RBL - REI
    FRANCIJA- Verrières En Anjou Cedex
    RBL - REI - Verified by Europages

    RBL-REI is the world specialist in handling equipment for solid bulk products. From storage to loading and unloading, including dosage, weighing and mixing, the company also has a division...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | port hoppers | quay hoppers | apron conveyors | overland conveyors [+] curvoduc | movable conveyors and downhill conveyors | stackers | recovery scrapers | weighing towers | chain conveyors and scraper conveyors | chain or plate feeders | steel apron feeder | dust-free hoppers

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    ITALIJA- Liscate
    ITISYSTEMS S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    For 20 years the Itisystem company has specialized in full dosing systems and worked to offer sophisticated and functional purpose-designed systems to meet the needs of various sectors. It devotes...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Tehtanje in doziranje - instalacije in aparati | Doziranje - Stroji in oprema | Črpalke | Instalacije komprimiranega zraka [+] fillers | pellet dosers | viscous material dosers

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    NEMČIJA- Willich
    TRANSITEC ANLAGENBAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1993, TransiTec Anlagenbau is active almost everywhere where bulk materials are stored, conveyed, mixed and dosed. This not only as a component supplier but also as a complete system...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | skruvtransportör | screw-type conveyors | spiral conveyor | spiral conveyors [+] materials handling | big bag emptying | big bag filling | discharge devices | aeration systems | dosing machine | bulk goods | metering screw | bag emptying station

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  • The Wire Belt Group is operating worldwide with manufacturing sites in Germany, England and the United States. We provide solutions tailored to your needs in your conveying applications. Our product...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Tekoči trakovi | handling belts | conveyor belts | conveyor systems [+] conveyor belt accessories | metal conveyor belts | wire conveyor belts | stainless steel conveyor technology | flat wire belts | conveyor belt systems | flat wire link belts | wire mesh conveyor belts | conveyor system components

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  • Planning, implementation, project management, service - from joint planning through commissioning and beyond we provide you with the experience of our engineering and installation teams. Our conveyor...

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne verige | Transportne naprave in sistemi | vertikaltransportör | automation | materials handling [+] rinsers | circulating coolers | storage systems | puffing systems | aligning station | material handling | palletisation | line optimisation | drive elements

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    FRANCIJA- Witry-Lès-Reims
    MECA SERVICES SARL - Verified by Europages

    Dobavitelj za: Vibracijske naprave, industrijske - instalacije | Transportne naprave in sistemi | Rokovanje z blagom - priprave brez motorja | Precisionsmekanik

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  • Dobavitelj za: Transportne verige | Transportne naprave in sistemi | Tekoči trakovi | Verige | Kompenzatorji

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    NEMČIJA- Wermelskirchen
    INTERROLL FÖRDERTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi | Tekoči trakovi

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    NEMČIJA- Schopfheim
    EUROFLEX GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi

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  • Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi

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    NEMČIJA- Hambühren
    NERAK GMBH FÖRDERTECHNIK - Verified by Europages

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi

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    NEMČIJA- Bad Schussenried
    RUEZ GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dobavitelj za: Transportne naprave in sistemi

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